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Installing Typo3 in Mint

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Повідомлення створено: 21. 07. 2018 [09:55]
john timber
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Зареєстрован(а) с: 20.07.2018
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First I should say that as a Linux noob I've been pretty impressed with Mint so far. Seemed to install simply and has most of the things I need by default. Actually like it better than Umbutu by itself, though that was pretty decent as well. I'm an old dog in the DOS/Win-whatever world, having used everything from DOS 3 to current. Personally I think Vista is going to push my buttons on the whole "right to run my computer my way" issue and hence why I'm finally trying to learn my way around Linux... Where I am stuck however is in trying to install Typo3, which includes Apache, MySQL, PHP4 and TYPO3 itself. I've figured out how to run the script file, and that doing so in Terminal lets me see what's happening. The first couple of lines seem to be generating errors though, as it wants to create directories under the /user directory which is owned by Root. I've figured out how to give Root permissions and a password of my own choice. Figured I had it made only to try and log in as root from the graphical interface it says I can't do that... Should I be looking at a more server oriented version if I want to play with web hosting? I'm actually not trying to server to the internet at the moment, just wanting to use this platform for web page development... Thoughts? Help?

Повідомлення створено: 04. 08. 2018 [18:24]
Василь Мосійчук
Зареєстрован(а) с: 23.11.2010
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